Building Deck Stairs: Basic Steps To Follow

Such a tricky project as is building deck stairs can be greatly facilitated if you learn the precise steps. Luckily for inexperienced DIYers, there are plenty of quite interesting projects explained on the internet absolutely free of charge. Choose one suitable to your level of skillfulness and start working. This brief article is going to unveil the main steps of the deck stair building process. More detailed variants of explanations you can come across in appropriate websites.

Basic Steps

The primary step of measuring the total rise to the deck landing. No matter whether you are refreshing your old deck stairs or building stairs for the deck for the first time, this project can seem a bit challenging even for do-it-yourselfers with average experience. Accordingly, make sure you fulfill all the steps carefully and attentively. The next step will be laying out the stairs. Third comes marking the bottom and top parts of your stringer. This will help you remove the unnecessary extra material. Next comes testing whether the stringer fits its place or not. Afterwards you should cut out the notches and outline the patterns right on those skirt boards you'll be using. The latter must be fastened to the rim joist with 2x6 supports attached. Only afterwards you should add the threads and the risers.


Surely these were the basic steps. Even a minor mistake can lead to an uneven stair construction that will make your entire work on building deck stairs in vain. You will have to reconstruct it all. Moreover, all your calculations must be done accurate. Otherwise you will have lots of precious material wasted.

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