Cheap Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard and Backyard

Even if you have limited budget and time, you would still like to find cheap landscaping ideas. Developing a low-maintenance yard on a small budget has its ups and downs. But with the ability to plan, basic gardening skills, determination and creativity, you can solve every challenge. Being open-minded, thoughtful and creative, you can surely turn your front yard or backyard into cool paradises for family and guests. There are so many cheap landscaping ideas that you can try to implement at home. However, you have to set aside adequate time to plan and execute every idea in a clever manner.

Cheap landscaping ideas for front yard

To landscape your front yard you have to first make a plan. With your camera, take pictures of every area of your front yard. Sit down and draw a rough plan of how your front yard looks like now. Be sure to add correct measurements for features that are easy to measure and rough measurements for features you cannot measure. If you have a balcony in the second floor of your house, climb up there and watch your front yard. Take views from your upstairs windows as well. Transfer your thoughts and observations into the plan. Now write down all the problems you have noted and develop ideas on how to solve them.

Your project might require a relatively big budget. But you can use cheap landscaping ideas for front yard to reduce your budget. First, look for your free, community-based reading materials prepared for those who want to landscape cheaply. Your community could be one of those that offer free wood chips or mulching materials. There could also be a building yard that offers cheap bricks, pavers or outdoor lumber. If there are garden clubs around, or related associations, check out whether they have cheaper deals on shrubs, bedding plants and trees that would look beautiful in a front yard. Your environmental center may give attractive plant sales to gardeners who attend their meetings.

More inexpensive landscaping ideas for small front yard areas

After assembling your free or discounted resources above, you are ready to fill your small front yard with lush and beauty. Among the best inexpensive landscaping ideas for small front yard areas is to minimize the size of your lawn so as to use less water and fertilizer. Replace some areas of your lawn with paving, low-maintenance plant beds, ground covers (must be appropriate for your soil and climate) or decorative stone. Use stone more creatively than just paving. For instance, you may use gravel, along with landscape cloth, in a flower garden to reduce watering and weeding frequencies. Instead of planting some plants in the ground, you could place gardening containers on the gravel bed you have just made.

Great and cheap landscaping ideas backyard areas

A backyard should be as attractive as the front yard even if it is not easily detectable. If you are designing on a tight budget, cheap landscaping ideas backyard sections can assist you. One idea is to use perennials. The benefit to choosing perennials is that they can last for many years, gracing your backyard with beauty. There are many varieties for your climate and soil. Adding some annual plants is encouraged too. However, you need to use your colorful annuals in moderation and perhaps plant them in containers. As you pick containers, make about two of them decorative and the center of attraction for the backyard.

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