Decorative Well Pump Covers For Prettier Outdoor Exterior

Decorative well pump covers not only raise the curb appeal of one's outdoor environment, but also create a suitable ambiance to feel an utmost pleasure by simply walking around. Moreover, if you intend to resale your house be sure a pump peeking in your garden up to a foot long will fail your chances to sell the house at the cost you plan. So, in any case you will need to find a beautiful decorative cover to hide the pump thus enriching the exterior of your house.

Solar Lighthouse

Today there are plenty of well pump covers that are decorative and very beautiful. For instance the Solar Lighthouse Wooden Pump Cover is a grandiose option! With its 48 inch length, this item is perfect not only for covering the pump, but also any other unmovable obstruction around. The item includes four hold down stakes and a bright solar path light. It is available in green, blue and red colors. You can find it today at $149.

Artificial Rock

Another amazing model within decorative well pump covers is the Dekorra artificial Rock-Fieldstone. This artificial rock looks much like a real one yet is very lightweight to be moved around and cover either a pump or any other obstruction that interferes with your garden exterior design. Made of highest grade material this stone tends to serve you for many years to come. No unfavorable weather condition can threaten its longevity, hence you can be sure it will retain its pretty natural look even after the hardest rain or sun's most gleaming rays.


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