Desert landscaping in Las Vegas Made Easier and Enjoyable

Desert landscaping is perfect for dry areas that require drought-resistant plants. For instance, an area like the Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, has a desert climate. A region such as this can offer challenges to a local gardener who wants to maintain their front yard or backyard without planting a grass lawn. As you already know, a grass lawn can be costly particularly when it covers a larger area because of watering and fertilizing needs. You can swap grass lawn for desert landscaping as it is low-maintenance, attractive and perfect for your area.

Desert landscaping las vegas – Must-know Ideas

There are plants that are native to your area in Las Vegas. These should be your first picks as they will use the right combinations of growing conditions. Eventually these plants will look so attractive in your front yard and back yard. Ensure that the species of plants chosen do not require a lot of watering. Then, plant them in thick clusters as this will let you create an illusion of lush, flourishing gardens. Some herbs such sage are perfect choices. As well, you can choose bottle brush, mesquite, aloe vera, cactus, yucca and agave among others. To get an idea of what can be planted in your area, take a trip to your local nursery to learn more about desert landscaping las vegas has to offer.

Desert landscaping plants

What you want to achieve is an economical landscaping idea that will be suitable for your area. Among all plants that are suitable for dry areas, cactus is picked by many. First you need to form a foundation of sand-colored small stones or pebbles. Then, plant different kinds of cactus, ensuring that they are scattered all over the yard. It is also a good idea to build a figurine with decorative stone or wood. This can be a figure of a desert living creature. Another of the most beautiful desert landscaping plants you could create as the core of your desert yard is a dry river bed. It can be a winding river bed with beautiful bounders and pebbles on the banks. Tiny bushes can also create a lovely background.

Desert landscaping front yard

The front yard should create the loveliest picture of your home. It has to be inviting and professionally landscaped to suite the exteriors of your home and other structures you have in your compound. But you have to remember that your area is dry and must be decorated with plants that can resist high temperatures and drought. Nothing will beat succulent like aloe vera, aeonium, blue Senecio mandraliscae, agave and Bulbine frutescens among others.

Most people would pick Dymondia margaretae, a form of gray leaf ground cover found in South Africa, to replace lush grass lawn. This, combined with desert plants like Kangaroo paws and lomandra, can be very attractive. Drought resistant grasses are very good as long as you choose options that can grow in your area. Make use of desert-inspired stone or rock as well, for your desert landscaping front yard project.

Create curving paths through your front yard. You may combine this with some soil on the sides of your walkways to add aesthetics and interest. A weed cloth should be used along with permeable gravel to allow extra water to be absorbed in the ground rather than gather together.

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