Front Yard Landscaping – Important Design Aspects

Front yard landscaping gives the outdoors of your home a necessary facelift and enhances curb appeal at the same time. With a combination of plants, flowers, rocks, stones, water bodies, etc. front yard landscaping transforms the area into a stunning and beautiful setting.

The very first step is to draw up proper front yard landscaping plans depending on the topography and size of the area. After you have it mapped out, you can proceed with the design:

Water bodies

A lovely water fountain in the midst of the garden greatly boosts the aesthetic value of your landscape. The soothing sound made by the cascading water imparts an aura of peace and tranquility. If space permits, you can install a waterfall instead of a fountain. Just make sure the water features are of the right size so they don’t draw attention away from other components.

Shrubs & grass

Lush topiaries, evergreen shrubs, and boxwoods planted around the perimeter can add character to your front yard by creating different patterns and direction. They can even double as hedges to fill up empty spaces. You can also try front yard landscaping with artificial turf, which gives the illusion of a green, thick bed of meticulously trimmed grass.


Not only are trees valuable additions to the landscape, but they also provide much-needed relief on the days when temperatures soar and sun rays are scorching. Trees that drop acorns, needles, etc. and those with too much foliage should be avoided. Bigger trees can be planted in a group to divert focus to a particular spot. Colorful varieties like red maple, saucer magnolia, yellow poplar, and crepe myrtles look spectacular in front yards. The edges or driveway can be highlighted via fruit trees planted along the borders.


These are one of the key elements, especially if you want front yard landscaping without grass. Blossoms can make plain and dull scenery seem visually appealing – all you need to do is select the right colors and varieties. Ideally you should have a mixture of both seasonal perennials and evergreens. Bright and vibrant colors like yellow and red are captivating, but you can also use sober shades like green or blue for a balanced effect. Accentuate paths and walkways by planting flowers along the perimeters.

Looking for front yard landscaping ideas? You can find several design options online and select as per your specifications. For complex plans involving elaborate structures and materials, it is best to delegate the task to a professional.

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