Garden Fence Designs: From Simple Elegant To Luxury Variants

There are plenty of garden fence designs that are intended for bringing a beautiful curb appeal to your home and its environment. Placing a stylish and unique fence to your garden entrance, your house is going to look much more inviting and attractive. However, beautifully designed fences are not only for enriching the garden exterior, but also for adding privacy and convenience to it. Choose a practical and stylish fence and enjoy the new wonderful look of your garden.

If you would like to bring simple elegance to your garden, then choose a white picket fence paired with a suitable again white colored gate and arbor. With the arbor high and the gate low this design of a garden fence will bring a definition to your garden space while not hiding the view behind it. This elegant design can be made more attractive when up climbing wild roses are planted around. The same effect can be reached with clematis or other rambling plants. If you would like to add even more privacy to this fence, try embellishing with decorations. For instance framed metal stars can serve as pretty Christmas decorations for your garden fence.

Nevertheless, there are also many exquisite and opulent garden fence designs one of which is sure to bring an old-world charm to your outdoor space. Mortared stone columns alternating with wrought-iron panels can serve as the most graceful and chic garden fence. With tastefully chosen finials this fence type will be the best choice you could ever have chosen! The design will suit as small one-storied house gardens, so those of gorgeous mansions.

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