Ideas for Flower Garden Designs

With spring knocking on the door; it is time to think of some quick and easy flower garden designs to beautify the outdoor area of your home. Moreover, a garden with fresh, blooming flowers and lush green plants & bushes provides the perfect backdrop for a casual get-together or spending quality time with your loved ones while enjoying the pleasant weather. You don’t have to be extensively trained in gardening to plan a flower garden layout – a few tips are enough to get a kick-start on your DIY project:

  • Decide upon the shape of the garden. Flower garden ideas for beginners generally suggest square beds as it is easier to work on that outline. If you wish to have curved beds, dig clear, sweeping lines, checking to ensure they don’t run haphazardly or else the design becomes confusing.
  • Although it isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, planting taller blossoms in the back and shorter ones in the front makes the design neater and more eye-catching.
  • Some people create separate beds for flowers and plants of each type, but you can try a more abstract approach by mixing up flowers, shrubs, and plants in one bed. Leave sufficient gaps between them so their growth isn’t stunted.
  • Coming up with an unusual design is fine as long as it doesn’t look cramped and untidy. If you are mixing up varieties, make sure you don’t plant one of 10 different types of flowers in a single bed – create small groups in multiples of 5 as it imparts a more organized appearance.

Wildflower garden designs are quite popular now – you can go online and look up some terrific ideas!

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