Landscaping Stones – What are the most Frequently Used Types?

Landscaping stones work wonders when it comes to accentuating the overall appearance of decorative backyard designs. Creating a landscaped structure helps to enhance the natural beauty of the outdoors in your home, and landscaping stones are the most hassle-free way to accomplish that.

Here are some of the popular varieties:


These rocks can be found in several homes, as they can be utilized in creating extremely innovative and unique designs. These are essentially flat stones for both functional and ornamental purposes. They can be used to mark off a walkway or patio. Even though they can be embedded into the ground, a material like paving sand or crushed granite should form the base so the surface is even and any shifting or sliding is prevented.


Boulders are one of the most popularly purchased landscaping stones at Lowes, and they are used to create visually appealing “anchor spots” in the overall landscaping structure. A boulder with false grass around it imparts a rustic element to the design. You can use this idea to spruce up your back porch rather than it being a plain concrete area.

River Rock

When you look up River Rock from an online retailer’s collection under landscaping stones (Lowes), you will be fascinated that it is available in so many sizes. The tiniest ones are a quarter inch, while the large stones measure up to 6 inches. French drains generally make use of the smaller or medium varieties. Plants that grow well in heat can use them as mulch. Don’t make the blunder of mulching heat-intolerant plants with River Rock because they absorb heat from the sun and might raise the temperature. Since the roots of these plants should be cool, it might result in wilting. How can you use the larger sizes? Be creative and place them around the garden in a decorative fashion by scattering them beneath big stones.


There are two kinds of this stone – crushed and pea gavel. The former is utilized as an underlying layer in French drains or the top surface for unpaved driveways. These landscaping stones and rocks are quite rough with rugged edges, so never use them in places where people are likely to walk sans footwear. Pea gavel consists of pea-sized, smooth pebbles often placed around huge boulders surrounding a pond. They can be used as mulch for container plants as well.

For more details about landscaping rocks, go online and look up the various types available. To ensure you don’t overshoot the budget in any way, look up landscaping stones for sale at Lowes.

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