Low Maintenance Landscaping Hints for Busy Yet Fun-loving Homeowners

Sustainable low maintenance landscaping is all the range now. People want to spend less money while ensuring that their backyards and front yards look so beautiful. To afford low cost landscaping, one must give enough attention to various resources. With cheap and sustainable landscaping, the main goal is to reduce waste while conserving existing materials. Whether you want to landscape your garden for the first time, or to restore an existing garden, you can do it on a shoestring budget. The aim is to use recycled things like mulch, pavers, damaged concrete and so on. You can also do low maintenance landscaping by choosing perennial plants that stay vibrant for many years. Not only does cheap and sustainable landscaping save your money. It also protects your surroundings.

Low maintenance landscaping plants

Whenever a person wants to create an inexpensive landscape design, they must choose low maintenance plants. Mostly these are plants that could cope with dry and harsh climates. Most people would go for Stachys and Lamiums. These two plant species have silvery leaves that reflect light away from it. A plant with tiny leaves is a great choice too. Do you know why? Its tiny leaf has a small surface area that cannot allow a lot of water to evaporate.

Hence, this sort of plant would consume less water. An herb like thyme has tiny leaves and aromatic oils within it. These oils thicken the air around a thyme plant, making it impossible for water to escape. Bulbs are great because they store water in the root. Classed in the onion family, a plant like alium is a flowery, drought-resistant plant with low maintenance cost. Other plants store water in leaves including sedums; hence, they qualify as drought-resistant plants. Any plant requiring staking or tying in should be avoided.

Low maintenance garden design

This kind of a garden layout is appropriate for very busy people with little to no time for gardening and landscaping. If you want to have a good time in your yard than working on it, a low maintenance garden design is spot-on. If you have no idea where to start, look for an easy gardening layout that considers a homeowner who does not have time to maintain their yard.

Low maintenance landscape ideas front yard

A front yard is just in front of your lovely home. It is the area that is most noticeable in your whole outdoor space. The front yard can be decorated on a minimal, tight budget if you like. To achieve this goal, you should focus on picking green, lush and beautiful low maintenance plants. Native plants can also be planted as long as there are good water management standards. Cacti and grasses that do well in dry climates are also great picks.

Low cost low maintenance landscaping ideas

As hinted above, a simple design is the key to a low maintenance landscape. Statues and waterfalls are beautiful features, no doubt, but they consume a lot of the same resources you want to sustain. To save money on mulching, you could skip richer and use recyclable materials. Just ensure that the selected mulching material will be a great barrier for weeds, preserve moisture around the plant, drop nutrients into the soil and brighten up the appearance of your yard. There are so many other low cost low maintenance landscaping ideas that you can use.

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