Modern Cabins: Enjoy Your Weekends Away From City Hustle

Today's beautiful modern cabins are distinguished for their practicality and exceptional style. If you want, too, to have a convenient get-out-of-the-city place in the countryside, a comfy cabin with a modern style will be a perfect variant. Luckily for customers all across the United States, home designers offer grandiose projects. Each of them can be complemented in as little as a couple of weeks. As a rule, they are all made of hardwood and feature rustic countryside feel. Yet, nowadays you can also come across contemporary cabins as well.

The Busy Boo website offers a line of fascinating and extraordinarily beautiful cabins in modern style. Among the most impressive models you are sure to love the following ones:

  • Chalet Forestier
  • Jero Shelter
  • Tiny Retreat
  • Off-Grid Retreat
  • Valley House
  • Nahahum Canyon Residence

Each of the above-mentioned cabin projects has long been realized. The photos of built cabin houses can be viewed on the website.

Valley House

The projects of the Valley House Modern cabins are inspired from irregular and unpredictable mountain peaks and valleys, these cabin houses are showed a powerful and original approach. Constructed from a couple of bug cubes placed on each other, the cabin appears quite capacious from inside whilst requiring quite little room for being constructed on. The lower cube serves as a pedestal for the rectangular forms of the bedrooms above. Besides the attractive exterior style, the interior of this cabin can be designed in any style you wish!

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