Resin Garden Statues Look Plausible And Add Unique Classic Feel To Outdoor Environment

Resin garden statues have become quite popular as this material is not only durable but also allows to create the most natural looking and plausible statues. Just have a look at the sculptures offered by one of the most outstanding and reliable stores of statues Design Toscano and you will acquire the whole majesty of real resin outdoor statues. The store presents various gorgeous statues as in modern and unique designs so as renderings of most famous classical and mythological figures. The latter can turn your garden into an oasis of history that belongs to you!

The Design Toscano offers such an exceptional garden statue made of resin as Hebe, the Goddess of Youth Sculpture. Made by a renowned artist Bertel Thorwaldsen this statue is a perfect rendering of the popular mythological statue of Zeus' daughter Hebe. The finest estates of Europe are decorated with such like magnificent sculptures as is the Hebe. However, this resin rendering costs $139 for the large size (32"H x 8.5"D x 10.5"W) and $549 for the estate size (63"H x 12.5"W x 15'W).

Among other resin garden statues that Design Toscano offers is the Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove Statue. Placing this amazing statue in your garden, near the pool or pond the statue is guaranteed to become the focal point in your outdoor environment. This whimsical resin statue is a real mesmerizing centerpiece and features an antique stone finish upon the quality designer resin. Costing $399 the statue is 35" in height and 35" in width. Accordingly it will never be unnoticed by your guests!

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