Screened In Deck For More Comfortable Outdoor Resting

To make the most out of your outdoor space creating a screened in deck is perhaps the best means! When your deck is screened no mosquitoes or bugs will threaten your outdoor rest. Moreover, all the downpours and heat waves will pass by your outdoor event without spoiling your fun. Besides, a screened deck is still the hit of outdoor exterior this summer! So, if you have determined to turn your deck into a more practical and comfortable place to spend all your summer evenings in, you definitely need to screen it.

Screening a deck is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. You definitely need to be a top-notch handyman with an experience in the field, or you will have to entrust the work to professional. Moreover, be prepared to pay a round sum of money to have the project fulfilled. For instance to convert a 14ft square deck into a porch, you will have to spend over $10, 000. Yet, be sure that kind of a project is worth both the money and time spent. Besides, a screened-in porch adds value to a house.

Nevertheless, to create a screened in deck, you need to first make sure the deck will bare the additional load. All the materials used for turning a deck into a porch are quite heavy and can cause some damage if the deck base is not a sturdy one. For preparing the deck, you may possibly need to add more foundation piers and posts, beef up beams and joists, as well as attach a quality mesh screen (a landscape paper will work, too). The last step is needed for keeping all the bugs and other insects away from your new screened-in deck.

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