Top Garden Fencing Ideas

Do you need garden fencing ideas? Erecting a solid fence ensures your security and privacy is not breached in any way – it keeps out stray animals and children from the garden, thereby protecting the plants and flower beds. But homeowners are also taking a lot of interest in the decorative aspects of a fence these days.

There are quite a few garden fence decorating ideas that you can choose from:

Rustic Elements

Split rail wooden fences are strong and have an underlying country theme. Make sure you select the type of wood carefully as it should be able to withstand outside elements and is resistant to bugs, termites, or insects. For improved longevity, use crushed stones to support the wooden posts as they don’t absorb moisture. Spruce it up with flower-bearing vines such as honeysuckle or morning glory. Use wire mesh for added protection.

Zen Garden

These gardens are highly in demand these days. Bamboo fencing is apt for a Zen garden as it further accentuates the sand, wood, rock, and vegetation landscape.  Not only is the fencing cheap, but it is lightweight and easy to setup as well. Colored bulbs can be placed near them to create a soothing ambience.

Dry Stone Walls

This type of fencing can resist extremely harsh weather and is one of the best when it comes to security. Limestone, granite, and bluestone are some varieties used for the fence. A strong gate of steel and hard wood blends well with dry stone walls fencing. Herbaceous perennials such as lavenders or irises can be planted on it.

Although there are plenty of do-it-yourself garden fencing ideas, it is best to consult a professional and proceed as per his suggestions.

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