Travertine Pool Deck: Qualities Making Great Pool Decks

What can make your outdoor area so luxury as a travertine pool deck? This is a cool choice perhaps everyone would like to have in his backyard. Whether you are looking for durability or non-slippery surface, or attractiveness is the primary quality for you, travertine pavers will serve the purpose. Above all these qualities, sensible pricing is another aspect worth mentioning. If you are short on budget, you can still have a fabulous pool deck covering it with travertine pavers. Surely it is more expensive than concrete, yet much more affordable than other stone types. The medium price for travertine pavers is $3-10 per square foot.

Creating a pool deck of travertine is quite a labor-intensive activity and can cost you quite much money. Therefore, if you know how the work must be done, it is better not to apply to a specialist. However, there are also other advantages that a travertine deck features. Besides being very attractive, and having a non-slippery surface, travertine floors provide high heat resistance. Travertine does not get too hot even when the sun is scorching.

One of the best destinations to purchase travertine for a pool deck is the Travertine Mart. This is one of the leading companies offering travertine pavers and tiles at the best costs. Here, at Travertine Mart, you can find amazing models on great sales. For instance, the Premium Select French Pattern Tumbled Ivory Travertine Pavers is sold at such a low cost as $3.98 per square foot.

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