Backyard Landscaping Ideas – What are the Different Types?

Looking for innovative backyard landscaping ideas? An immaculately landscaped backyard not only adds to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your garden but it also creates a place to have a casual get-together with loved ones or spend some quiet time after a stressful weekend. You should surely do a “compare & contrast” of backyard landscaping ideas before deciding which one to select.

Here are a few backyard landscaping design ideas that might interest you:

Zen Garden

This type of structure hardly requires any maintenance, although you do need to read up a bit about the Zen philosophy. Since this is a meditation garden, the design is slightly different but easily managed. The idea is quite unique – it is a dry landscape arrangement where the different elements of nature are symbolized via a mixture of stone, rock, gravel, moss, and sand. Too many plants are not used here – you should stick to small evergreen varieties, modest blossoms, and some shrubs.

Koi Ponds

Have you seen backyard landscaping pictures with Japanese themes? These are also known as Koi ponds. There are a variety of materials used to build such gardens, like big stone walls, bamboo screens, and weathered wood. Natural gardens like these can also be conceptualized via miniature gardening including water elements and bonsai trees.

Foliage Garden

If you are looking for backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, a foliage garden is the perfect choice for you. It is quite diverse as it is doesn’t use any flowers in the structure. The design stems from the fact that there are other elements apart from flowers which can be used to add color and variety to a garden. As is evident from the name, the leaves take precedence here. Mix and match different plants, ferns, bushes, and shrubs to create a leafy equivalent of a flower garden.

Feng Shui Garden

The key components in this landscape are mountains and water energy. The concept dates back to the time when Chinese gardens were based on an ancient art form known as Shan Shui, which means mountain water. Raise the planting beds to give an illusion of hilly areas and use multi-colored flowers in them. A water fountain in the midst completes the look.

After you have mapped out your backyard landscaping plans, place orders for the list of materials required for construction. Although these projects can be DIY, it is best to consult a professional and delegate the task to them.

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