Metal lawn ornaments for landscape design

Fantastically beautiful, original metal lawn ornaments are made to change the design of your back yard or a garden. Stunning figurines of dragons will make your Eastern-inspired patio charming and cozy. Kids and adults alike will love wrought iron décor, displaying movies characters. Some of these metal units are only the lawn decorations, whereas others are functional. Steel and iron lanterns, placed around your gazebo, will add illumination to the yard, and bring a homey atmosphere into your household.

Types of lawn ornaments from metal

- Flowers and birds

Among the variety of metal décor, used in your front and backyard landscape, cast and wrought iron flowers, plants from metal and birds are, probably the most popular.

- Cartoon characters

Kids love these decorations, made from iron and steel, but some adults adore them as well. Painted metal gnomes are very popular with children.

- Abstract ornaments

Bizarre twists and bold curves of metal planks sometimes create unique pieces of art. Several museums even have large exhibitions of these ornaments.

Hand-made metal décor for gardens

Sometimes homeowners are so excited with the idea of decorating their backyard, lawn, and patio,with metal lawn ornaments, that start to collect this original stuff. Very often home DIY masters use the simplest objects to create something absolutely fantastic. For example, a figurine of a frog can be made of an old pot. Curved forks will “replace” the frog’s legs. A gorgeous figure of an eagle can be made from table knives. You can also “play” with thematic landscapes. Use old metal details from your car and create something cute.

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